ELIVATE is a boutique aesthetic medicine and wellness practice that specializes in treatments and experiences that make you Feel, Look and LIV your best self.


As a guy, I don’t often go to med spas but my wife recommended the IV treatments at Elivate and now I’m obsessed.  If I need energy, an immune boost or to relieve stress, they give me a personalized IV bag  while I sit in a private room and catch up on Netflix.  Best kept secret ever.


Even when I don’t have an appointment, I’m always looking for a reason to go to Elivate! The atmosphere is somehow elegant and calming at the same time.  It’s like getting Park Avenue treatments while hanging out with your best girlfriends.

Daniella S.

I’ve been a patient of Melissa’s for almost a decade, and now that she opened Elivate, I won’t go anywhere else.  She’s always on top of the most cutting edge treatments, but she never suggests something unnatural or over the top for my look.  She gets to know everyone personally and then recommends only what will make you feel your best – and I look better now than I did 10 years ago!

Elissa D.