Personalized Evaluation

Our Personalized Evaluations are available to patients who are seeking an in-depth analysis in order to optimize overall health or support existing health conditions. The evaluation is comprised of an initial consultation with a comprehensive health and nutrition assessment; diagnostic laboratory testing; and two follow-up appointments to review the laboratory results and the customized action plan. Our recommended lab testing provides actionable information regarding nutrient status, as well as bio-markers that indicate how well various metabolic pathways are functioning in your cells. Our nutritionists will utilize all of this data to create a plan that will set you on a path to better health, disease prevention, and increased energy. 

Our nutrition team consists of Certified Nutrition Specialists(CNS) which are advanced, credentialed board certified practitioners. They are nutrition and medical professionals that are proficient in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, education and research.


Our team of nutrition professionals are here to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. We will assess and monitor nutrition intake in order to create the best plan for your specific needs. We consider current health factors, lifestyle, and well-being as well as nutrient requirements in our assessment and nutrition plans.  Nutrition appointments begin with a 60 minute in-person initial consultation. Follow-up visits can take place either in-person or remotely in order to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules.

Elivate Med Spa offers customized vitamin IV infusions for patients who desire a faster and more advanced method of improving nutrition and wellness.

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