Why a Membership?

ELIVATE members will enjoy exclusive privileges and experiences each month alongside access to special VIP events. Members will be able to customize their treatments and save towards wellness and aesthetic treatments that will help them to feel, look and live ELIVATED!
This membership embraces the Elivate Membership benefits with the additional offering of one (1) facial or one (1) IV during your birthday month. Experience a new level of aesthetic beauty and experience the outstanding wellness practices we have to offer with our membership.

VIP Pricing for Members

$14/unit Neurotoxin $100 off Fillers 10% off Skincare 10% off Facials 10% off Vivace, LaseMD, KeraLase, Laser Hair Removal, Accufit Packages 10% off IV Therapy Treatments and Booster Shots

Our membership is a monthly reoccurring membership. Advance of 30 days notice prior to bill date is required for cancellation of current membership agreement. Membership cancelled inside of the 30 days may be subjected to a fee of $99.

Feel + Look + Liv


Individual results may vary. The benefits of these treatments will be enhanced by engaging in positive lifestyle changes such as exercise, proper diet, and nutritional supplementation that has been recommended by the Healthcare Provider. These services are not evaluated by the FDA and these products and/or services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.